Featured Service: Rail Intermodal

At the Manney Group, all our freight services are quick and simple to use, allowing you to send rail cargo at the most affordable prices.

The benefits of rail intermodal transportation include:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Rail transport is often more cost-effective for long-haul journeys, making it an attractive option for moving goods across the country.
  2. Environmental Benefits: Rail transport is generally more fuel-efficient and has a lower environmental impact compared to long-haul trucking, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Reliability: Rail intermodal can provide a more reliable and predictable transportation schedule, as railroads are less susceptible to traffic congestion and weather-related disruptions.
  4. Reduced Congestion: By shifting a portion of long-distance cargo from trucks to trains, rail intermodal helps reduce congestion on highways.
  5. Standardization: The use of standardized containers and equipment makes the process more efficient and allows for easy transfer between different modes of transport.

Rail intermodal is a crucial component of modern logistics and supply chain management, allowing businesses to optimize their transportation networks and improve the efficiency of moving goods from one location to another. It plays a significant role in the global movement of goods and helps alleviate some of the challenges associated with long-distance transportation.

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motion view of containers on rail cars

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