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North America’s Leading Next-Generation Multimodal Supply Chain Management Nationwide Intermodal Container Logistics.

More than a standard fleet to meet your complex logistical needs.

At the Manney Group, we design cutting-edge, comprehensive supply chain solutions to meet the specific requirements of your company. We give you access to the right support and the right end-to-end supply chain solutions, at the right time, by activating comprehensive technology for increased visibility and efficiency and by leveraging strong third-party relationships and the industry’s second-largest private intermodal fleet.

3PL Brokerage

3PL Brokerage

At the Manney Group, your freight will receive the highest level of security and care in collaboration with our extensive network of carriers.

Rail Containers

Rail Containers

From stack train containers to boxcar service, the Manney Group can place your intermodal freight quickly and efficiently with one of our high-quality providers.

Port and Rail Drayage

Port and Rail Drayage

Among the top drayage companies in Canada, the Manney Group can ensure cost savings for your company while quickly moving your freight to outbound trailers.

We have coast-to-coast network capacity for every load.

Our Services

Our Services

Intermodal Freight

Intermodal freight is cost-effective and helps businesses reduce waste and ship more sustainably — all with the world’s most bleeding-edge intermodal service provider.


The transportation of freight over short distances is known as “drayage,” and it is a specialized form of logistics. To put it simply, it can’t be separated from intermodal transport. The container shipping industry includes drayage services.

Third Party Logistics 3PL

Trucking services from all Canadian port & rail terminals. Your freight will receive the highest level of security in collaboration with Canada Customs and U.S. Customs and border protection.

Our Services


At MJ Transloading, we streamline the shipping process to help businesses overcome bottlenecks and reach their destinations safely and efficiently.


Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our warehousing solutions ensure your products are stored safely and are ready for dispatch when needed.

FTL Freight

Optimized Capacity with Qualified Truckload Carriers. Manney Transport’s third-party full truckloads carrier network gives you access to nearly all truckload capacity in North America.

Our Services

LTL Freight

Instead of renting a full vehicle for a single small load, the LTL provider can save money by combining multiple clients’ shipments, a service known as assembly service. Profitability in LTL shipping requires careful planning.

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